About Us


Founded in 1992, JBD Consulting has established itself as a boutique consulting firm with a proven track record and a well respected reputation. The firm establishes a tight relationship with its clients, understands the unique needs of each client and then delivers customized solutions that resolve significant problems and challenges.

JBD Consulting specifically specializes in the delivery of the following:

  • Business Development Services
  • Sales Force Development Services
  • Electronic Payments Solutions Services

As a specialty firm, JBD Consulting is able to apply deep rooted industry experience and expertise in assisting clients cost-effectively solve puzzling and far-reaching problems. Supported by a deep network of professionals that collaborate to bring the right combination of industry experience, knowledge, expertise, and business acumen, JBD Consulting helps each client develop new insights, mobilize and drive tangible results, and make their businesses more capable and whole.

  • Knowledge leadership

    Knowledge leadership

    Derived from our dedicated focus and uncompromising pursuit of deep insights into practices and trends - both local and global.

  • Connectivity


    Achieved by proactively engaging and consulting with the key stakeholders, decision-makers and executives of influence in the markets in which we deliver services.

  • Commitment


    We are passionate about finding the answers that others may miss, and ensuring that insights and recommendations are translated into value to our clients.

Our proven success is defined by the success of our clients. For this reason, at JBD Consulting, “It's All About Results!"

Mission - Values - Vision



JBD Consulting delivers premium quality professional services to clients in effort to help them rise above the competition.

We promote a collaborative culture fueled by a passion for problem solving. We are committed to the communities in which we deliver services, while maintaining the cultivation of the entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of our organization.

We strive to provide a broad and coordinated range of excellent, timely, value-for-money services that help our clients make the best business decisions. We meet and often exceed client expectations by maintaining the highest standards and fully exploiting the business connections, strategic alliances, and technological access available to us.

We wish to be accessible to our clients, and work with them as a team, understanding their unique needs and challenges. We recruit, train, develop and retain committed professionals with high integrity, intelligence, education, knowledge and experience. JBD Consulting's representatives and business partners conduct business in a diligent and professional manner, and communicate their knowledge to clients clearly and proactively.

This is not only our mission, it is what we deliver daily!



These values serve as our foundation and define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and guide us toward the creation of value for our clients, our partners, and our employees.

Integrity means we adhere to moral and ethical principles when delivering services to our clients and they can rely on our honesty about business matters, even when being honest means communicating that which is not popular.

Trust means earning the honor of our clients having confidence in our abilities to deliver meaningful solutions time and time again. In fact, we work hard to earn the right to be viewed as a part of our client's management team.

Thought Leadership means representing our clients with courage, personal integrity, subject matter expertise, and an unmatched vision which inspires and motivates others to follow our clients or risk being left behind by them.

These attributes are galvanized by our ability to always seek first to understand the specific and unique needs of each client and in-so-doing utilize our knowledge, skills, and expertise to contribute to their entrepreneurial pursuits. We understand that respect for colleagues, clients, and contacts, as well as the importance of confidentiality, at all times is essential in building strong, long-term relationships.

As such, we:

  • Seek to develop job competency and milestone metrics to provide all clients with a framework for success and expectations.
  • To develop recruiting and onboarding strategies to increase communication and employee assimilation speeds.
  • We will achieve superior performance, as measured by return on investment, through systematic, substantial and profitable growth.
  • Acknowledge our responsibility to good corporate citizenship and contribute to the promotion and advancement of our profession.
  • We assume responsibility as a corporate citizen and support cultural and charitable causes and organizations.
  • We are committed to operating as an independent consulting firm.



JBD Consulting will be "THE" first thought and only choice for small businesses in need of rapidly and cost-effectively growing and expanding their business footprint. As such, JBD Consulting will be "THE" first thought and only choice for corporations seeking to partner with a consulting firm that can assist in their ability to connect with small businesses.

JBD Consulting will be known globally for its unwavering commitment and passion for enabling clients to solve problems that would otherwise restrict their growth and forward movement.

Quite simply, JBD Consulting delivers solutions and will be "THE" most respected and sought-after business development, sales development, and e-payments consulting firm for financial services and health care businesses.